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Located in Yuyao City in Zhejiang Province, a place that boasts of 7,000 years history and culture, Konfoong Biotech International Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biological information technology enterprise specializing in digital pathology system development and production. The company was established in August 2011, with registered capital of RMB10 million.

The integrated digital pathology diagnosis system is the core product of the company, and uses high-precision digital pathology scanners instead of traditional microscopes to realize digitization of traditional pathology information. It uses independent medical image processing technology to conduct intelligent pathology analysis and diagnosis, establish a pathology image database, and at the same time, build a digital remote sharing system for pathology diagnosis information. The system integrates modern medicine, automatic control technology, medical image processing technology, computer network technology, modern communication technology and other high-tech systems, to provide an ultimate solution platform integrating health care, education, scientific research and information services.。

In addition to pathology diagnosis system, the company also has a number of products available in medical image processing system including CT, MRI and ultrasonic etc., and has powerful R&D capabilities in intelligent image recognition.

The company consistently upholds its business philosophy of "Talent, Technology & Innovation" to promote rapid development of medical system informatization in China.

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