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Five years dedicated to successfully develop 25-second digital pathology scanner

Author:admin Publication Date:2016-12-02 09:24:18 Browse:2784

On November 25th, with the falling of the first snow in Hefei, the 6th China Pathology Annual Conference kicked off, and welcomed pathology experts from all over the world. The annual conference is a grand annual event in the field of pathology, and is sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Medical Association Pathology Branch, and organized by Medical Association of Anhui Province and Medical Association Pathology Branch of Anhui Province. It brought together more than 2,000 Chinese and international experts, and more than 100 Chinese and foreign pathology enterprises who attended the conference. As a well-known digital pathology system manufacturer, Konfoong Biotech made its debut at the conference with its ultra-high-speed scanner, and mini scanner.

The opening ceremony

Konfoong Biotech booth

The conference included several sessions such as, reports on international path-breaking achievements, communication and exchange at sub-forums, difficulties faced in reading films and slides in China and America, digital pathology forum and several other exciting sessions. Looking back, it’s been 6 years since the first China Pathology Annual Conference was held. Growing from the hundreds of participants at the first conference, to the thousands of participants currently, is strong recognition and proof of the perseverance to the original vision of the conference and sincere dedication of all people in the pathology industry.

Chinese and international pathology experts get together

This was the 5th year that Konfoong Biotech continued development of its digital pathology system. After more than 1,800 days and nights of development and optimization, our high-performance pathology scanner which only requires 25 seconds from focusing to capturing the image, was launched. We held close interaction with experts at the conference, while at the same time demoed how the scanning could be completed while we conversed. The smooth reading experience and diagnosis level scanning quality amazed all the experts during the interaction.

Japanese expert visits the booth for communication

Hebei experts personally experienced the ultra-high-speed digital pathology scanner

In addition to receiving praise for the ultra-high speed of our scanner, several visiting experts were curious about a small product in our booth – our latest KF-PRO-002 digital pathology scanner, which is the most compact version in the Konfoong scanner family. The scanner’s compact and well-designed appearance changed the perception of dull and heavy pathology equipment that are conventionally found, adding a bright spot to the booth. The Chinese proverb, “Small as it is, a sparrow has all the vital organs”, is quite apt appropriate to describe KF-PRO–002. It takes up only 1/2 the space of a conventional scanner, but can complete the scanning on time with required quality, and is thus the ideal choice for entry-level digital pathology users.

Shanxi Provincial Tumor Hospital experts visit the booth

Southern California University Medical School pathology experts visit the booth

Vice President of the conference, Professor Ding Huaye visits the booth

From the leap in speed to the reduction in size, Konfoong people are devoted to persistent pursuit of perfection in product quality. We compared dozens of plans, from the external design to component selection, and even the equipment’s wiring method, and selected the best, to offer our users the best experience. As a well-known enterprise in the digital pathology industry, Konfoong Biotech has provided solutions to hundreds of users, with our equipment available across 30 provinces and municipalities all around the country. We have also established a nationwide 24-hour after-sale service network, so that customers can enjoy professional digital pathology services anytime and anywhere.

It is the dual guarantee of both our hardware and software service quality that has made Konfoong Biotech the officially designated scanner for the Pathology Annual Conference, to undertake scanning tasks for difficult case reading sessions each year. This year was the fourth year our products have been used at the conference. The clear images as under microscope observation and fast real-time sharing and exchange, allowed the participating experts to intuitively experience the convenience and advanced features of digital pathology.

Konfoong Biotech provided technical support for difficult case reading sessions

Heated discussion between experts at the reading session site

From 2011 to 2016, Konfoong Biotech has been focused on digital pathology with the belief that dedication to perfection will lead to amazing success.


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